Stages Of Pregnancy

Good Morning Everyone,

Happy Hump Wednesday.

Today’s blog is about stages of pregnancy and changes to your body. I have explained what I have had during pregnancy. I have also given you some signs that I haven’t had.

Everyone is different throughout pregnancy and for me it has been a little hard at times and other times I have been fine. I have had times when I have just wanted to cry and sometimes it is for no reason. Pregnancy affects everyone differently but I wouldn’t change it.

I do feel sorry for Adam as he has had to put up with things I have done or days when I have been moody and just snapped at him for no reason. But he has been my rock throughout he has always been there and supported me and helped me do thing even when he has been at work all day. I couldn’t of  done it without him. Someday’s I can’t be bothered to do anything because I’m to tired and have no energy and Adam will clean, tidy up or cook dinner. He has truly been amazing throughout the last 9 months. I can’t thank him enough for everything he has done. 

I have also enjoyed being pregnant and will miss my bump once she is here. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Adam and I are both excited to welcome our little bundle of joy into the world within the next few couple of weeks.


First trimester (week 1–week 12)

First Trimester

During your first trimester your body goes through many changes. Your hormonal changes which affect almost every organ system in your body. Having these changes can trigger symptoms even in your very first week of pregnancy. Here are somethings that change and how they affected me.

  • Period – Your period stopping is a sign that your pregnant.
  • Extreme tiredness – I always felt tired. I could go to bed at night and wake up in the morning just as tired as I did when I went to bed. Having a nap during the day didn’t help either as I was still so tired after.
  • Tender, swollen breast – I suffered with very sore, swollen breast. They were tender a lot of the time and if Adam went near them I would bite his heads off. They were just very sore, swollen and very tender. It use to hurt to lay down or put a bra on.
  • Morning sickness – Not everyone experience this in there pregnancy but for me I did. It was awful waking up every morning to it feeling sick and being sick was an awful feeling. I didn’t just suffer with this in the morning it sometimes lasted all day.

  • Cravings or smells of certain foods – At the beginning of pregnancy I had a few craving like pickled onions and cheese was one thing I loved at the beginning as pregnancy has gone on I have had different craving for things like pork pies which I hated before being pregnant, cheese, onion and mayonnaise mixed together in a bowl, McDonald’s chips no matter what time of the day it is I crave them it can be 12 o’clock at night and I want them, salt and vinegar chip sticks I love these something I could eat all day every day.  But I have also been good with my cravings as at time I have wanted salad, fruit and vegetable. I do try and have my 5 a day if i can. I have also gone off some foods that I used to like at the beginning I can’t stand chicken just something I would avoid but over the course of being pregnant I have started to like it again probably not as much as I used to as before being pregnant I used to eat it a lot. I also can’t stand some food being cooked like onion rings, garlic bread and a few other things when they are being cooked the smell makes me feel sick. 

  • Mood swings – This is something I suffer with some days I would get up in a mood and other days I would be fine and as the day went on I would end up in a bad mood. Sometimes it just takes one person to say something and I would snap back not meaning to. I did feel sorry for Adam as he used to cope it.
  • Need to pass urine more often –  Needing to pass urine all the time is something I have suffered with a lot in my pregnancy I can go a toilet before we leave but before I know it I need to go a toilet again. I think over the last 9 months I have found out about a lot of toilets and where they are now.
  • Headache – I used to suffer with headaches a bit before being pregnant but since being pregnant I have suffered more with them. I know you can take paracetamol but this is something I don’t like to do so I have not taken anything for my headaches. I have just layed down and rested.
  • Heartburn – Where to start with this something I have suffered with so much since being pregnant. I would take tablets to help with this but after a little while they stopped working and no matter what I tried it wouldn’t go. But I have now found that having a glass of milk when I have heartburn helps as it eases it sometimes it will get rid of my heartburn.
  • Weight gain or loss – I think I have been very lucky in my pregnancy as I haven’t loss weight I have put weight on but only where baby is. Some people put weight on everywhere but I have been very lucky and only my stomach I have.

As your body starts to change over the next 9 months, you might want to change your daily routine, such as trying to go to bed earlier or try eating frequent, small meals having 6 small meals instead of having 3 big meals. Fortunately some of these discomforts will go away as your pregnancy progresses. Some women don’t feel any discomfort at all. For me I have had a few discomforts throughout my pregnancy. If you have been pregnant before, you might feel differently this time around. Just as each woman is different, so is every pregnancy.

Second trimester (week 13–week 28)

Second trimester

Most women find the second trimester of pregnancy easier than the first trimester. This trimester is just as important to stay informed about.

You might notice that symptoms like nausea have gone away now but some people still have nausea in this trimester. I was very lucky and didn’t have morning sickness in this trimester. I sometime used to feel sick at night but not always.

But other new, more noticeable changes to your body are now happening now. Your abdomen will expand as the baby continues to grow. Also before the end of this trimester you will feel your baby beginning to move. I started to feel baby very early on in my pregnancy. I used to get the little flutters in my stomach like little one was moving or something.

As your body changes to make room for your growing baby, you may have:

  • Body aches, such as back, abdomen, groin, or thigh pain – Before I was pregnant I suffered with a bad back as I have fluid at the bottom of my back so to lay down at night I would get very bad pains in my back. Then when I found out I was pregnant this is something I was worried about as I knew it would get worse and it did. Everyday my back would hurt I would be in so much pain with it and working and being on my feet all morning didn’t help. Adam did get me a back support for when I was at work to help and it did help a lot and it is something I will continue to use through the rest of my pregnancy and something I will use in the future. I have also suffered with other aches and pains but my back has been the worse.
  • Stretch marks on your abdomen, breasts or thighs – I have gained a lot of stretch marks since being pregnant. I have mainly gained them on my stomach. At times they are very itchy and they hurt I now class mine as tiger marks as that’s what they look like to me. I haven’t used anything on them so far I know people don’t like having stretch marks and they use creams or bio oil to get rid of them as soon as they appear but I have left mine and will look to put cream on after pregnancy for me they don’t bother me it just shows that for the last 9 months I have grown a little person in me. I’m proud to have them.
  • Darkening of the skin around your nipples –  This to me is something that is a little weird from going from a light colour to a dark colour feels odd. This is something that hasn’t bothered me.
  • Numb or tingling hands –  Before pregnancy I used to have a little bit of numbness in my hands but not as much as I do now. Sometimes I don’t have to be doing anything and they will go numb or I will get tingling in my hands.
  • Itching on the abdomen, palms, and soles of the feet –  I have had my stomach very itchy during pregnancy but I spoke to my midwife who said it was normal. But if you have all of the above signs or the ones below than please a call your doctor (Call your doctor if you have nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, jaundice or fatigue combined with itching. These can be signs of a serious liver problem.)
  • Swelling of the ankles, fingers, and face – I have suffered with swelling to my ankles and fingers but again I was told it happens in pregnancy. My midwife put it down to the weather and wasn’t very concerned about it.  (If you notice any sudden or extreme swelling or if you gain a lot of weight really quickly, call your doctor right away. This could be a sign of  preeclampsia). 

Third trimester (week 29–week 40)

Thris TrimesterYou’re now in the home stretch. You may experience some of the same discomforts you had in your second trimester will continue. In this trimester some women find breathing difficult and notice they have to go to the bathroom even more often. This is because your baby is getting bigger now and is putting a lot of pressure on your organs. Don’t worry, your baby is fine and these problems will be less once you have given birth.

Some new body changes you might notice in the third trimester include:

  • Shortness of breath – I have had shortness of breath when I have only done a little bit of walking. Even walking up and down the stairs is very hard work.
  • Heartburn – Like I have said previously heartburn is something I have suffered with all the way throughout my pregnancy. I do find that milk does help to get rid of it or ease it a little.
  • Swelling of the ankles, fingers, and face – Again I have said previously this is something I have had but only swelling to my ankles and fingers nothing else. If you have any rings on and your fingers are swelling up I would advise you take them off as you don’t want to have them cut off.  (If you notice any sudden or extreme swelling or if you gain a lot of weight really quickly, call your doctor right away. This could be a sign of preeclampsia)
  • Tender breasts, which may leak a watery pre-milk called colostrum – I have had this a lot throughout my pregnancy. Just recently they haven’t been to bad sore sometimes and other times they aren’t. I haven’t really suffered with leaking with my breast on the odd time I have noticed it but nothing really bad.
  • Your belly button may stick out – At the end of my second trimester into my third my belly button did stick out a little but now towards the end of the third it has come out a lot more.
  • Trouble sleeping – Trouble sleeping is something I have always struggled with but in my third trimester it has been awful. I can’t get comfortable at night and then I need to get up and go to the toilet. I could get up about 6 times in a night. But like I said previously no matter how much sleep I get I’m still so tired the next day and having a nap doesn’t seem to help either.
  • The baby “dropping”, or moving lower in your abdomen – In this trimester your notice that your bump has dropped or is lowering this is because baby is getting ready to come into the world. They start to get engaged so you may notice a change in your bump.
  • Braxton Hicks – Braxton hicks is something I have suffered with in pregnancy some people are lucky and don’t have it but I have experienced them. Some people say the don’t hurt and that they are just uncomfortable. But for me they have hurt and been very uncomfortable.
  • Contractions, which can be a sign of labour –  I haven’t experienced this yet as I still have a couple of weeks left of my pregnancy.

As you begin to near your due date, your cervix becomes thinner and softer this is called effacing. This is normal, natural process that will help the birth canal (vagina) to open during the birthing process.


Pregnancy is a great thing and it’s amazing what our bodies do during the 9 months of growing a little human being. I have loved being pregnant even with all the things I have had to deal with and at times I have wished that it was all over but hand on heart I wouldn’t change it for the world as I know at the end I will get to hold my baby.


love you

I do think I have been lucky throughout my pregnancy and it has been an amazing experience. Feeling little one kick for the first time or move around. How little one responded to some stuff and not to others. How little one has developed and how little one is a pickle when it comes to appointments.


Get excited — the final countdown has begun!


How was your pregnancy? What was your cravings? Please tell me your story I would love to hear them.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.



Annika Louise. xxx


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