What Makes A Perfect Movie Night…

Perfect Movie Night….

As we are getting lighter nights and enjoying some sunshine. I know people do enjoy spending time out in the garden have a BBQ but some people enjoy spending time cuddled up watching a movie. I personally love snuggling on the sofa watching a good film…or two.

perfect film night
Sitting down watching films helps with daily stress reliever. I’m all for lowering my stress levels as some people know they can get a little high sometimes. I guess I don’t need to feel guilty for taking some time out to chill on the sofa. This information I have given you use wisely as it is actually good for your health.
I wanted to bring to you today the perfect night. Whether it’s just you and your partner, family, friends or even if it’s just for you.

Here are my top tips for creating the ultimate stress-free evening.

Tip 1 – Cushions and blankets – When sitting or laying down to the film which can be 120 minutes long comfort is the most important thing. For me I love having a lot of cushions. I do like big cushions as I like to struggle them. Making sure you have a blanket near by is also important in case you get cold. Making sure you have these ready before a film is always good as you don’t want to stop the movie half way through to go and get a blanket.

So where is your favourite place to watch a movie?

Tip 2 – Nibbles and Drinks – When watching a movie having snacks to hand is always important in case you get a little bit hungry half way through. I enjoy have chocolate, gummy sweets, popcorn I also really enjoy having some peanuts to hand and I enjoy some crisps. But I know people don’t like rustling packets so I always make sure I empty snacks and nipples into bowls. When I’m at home watching a film I sometimes like to have some ice-cream.

all perfect night

I love picking snacks to eat in a film as I believe it makes the film. I love have a drink on the side to quench your thirst. For me picking snacks is based on who your watching the movie with. Adam and I love a mixture of stuff when watching a film. Adam enjoys eating popcorn and gummy sweets and I enjoy crisps, peanuts and chocolate.

Tip 3 – Dressing for comfort – When I see people sitting watching films at home in jeans or dresses. I don’t know how they do it. Sitting there for about 90/120 minutes with restricted movement most be hard. For me I love watching a film in pajamas as they are so comfortable. To be honest at the end of the day there is nothing better than slipping into your PJ’s after a long day and when I’m watching a film I’m the same.

Tip 4 – Candles – When watching a movie setting the mood is very important. Some people like to have fairy lights and candles on while they are watching. But for me I love laying in the dark and watch a film. I feel like I can relax more.


Tip 5 – The Film Of Choice – Once everything is in place, it is time to pick a film(s). Adam and I do struggle to decide on a film to watch as he likes some films I don’t like and I like films he doesn’t like. Towards the end of the year when Christmas is near I love to watch Christmas movies I feel it gets me in the festive feeling.

When we watch films together we go for action films, comedies or animated. If I’m home on my own I love to watch a bit of romance, Disney films or films that I think look interesting. Here are some of my favourite films, Green Mile, The fault in our stars (I find this film very sad makes me cry every time), The Lion King, The Parents Trap, The Shawshank Redmeptiom, Top Gun, The Blind Side, Dear John, Ghost and Dirty Dancing.

A couple of the films that I have put in this list are films that Adam told me about since seeing them I have to say they have became some of my favourite films. I will do a blog within the next couple of weeks of films I recommend.

What’s your favourite film? How do you like your perfect movie night to be set out? I would love to see your tips on how to create a perfect movie night. Please feel free to tag me in your pictures.

Annika Louise. xxx


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