Struggles Of A Munchkin

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted a blog for about a week. I have had a lot going on.

Today I wanted to do a blog about being pregnant and how I am struggling. I have had a number of people ask me how I found out and was it a shock so I thought I would do a blog about my pregnancy experience so far.


Back in November 2016 I found out I was pregnant. Adam and I was so excited and over the moon about it.

On the 6th November I took a test and I had a very very faint line on there. I didn’t say anything to Adam at that moment in time as I wanted to be sure before I said anything. Over the next few days I done a few more tests and the line was a little darker but not much. On the 9th November I done a test which had a very strong line on it I then knew that I was pregnant on that day it was mine and Adam anniversary we had been together 4 years on that day. I wanted to do something nice for him and give it to him as a present so that evening I cooked us a meal and put the pregnancy tests in a box. When he came home I gave him the box over the table and when he looked in there and saw them his face had a big smile on it. We were both very happy and excited about it.


At the beginning of my pregnancy I had really bad morning sickness which sometime lasted all day. I just general felt run down. People have asked me did I know I was pregnant before I found out and the answer is no I didn’t I had symptoms of pregnancy but I just put it down to the time of the month as I always have sore breast and I always feel bloated when i’m due on. When I didn’t come on I wondered why but didn’t put it down to being pregnant just thought maybe I was late.

I did also start showing very early on as a lot of my clothes didn’t fit me.  I have had really bad baby brain I just seem to forget a lot and have done things I wouldn’t normally do. Please see my other blog about baby brain to see what I have been up to.


For the first 20 weeks I done very well with my eating and was making sure I had my 5 a day I did want pickled onions and cheese a lot. After 20 weeks it went a little down hill all I wanted was chocolate but I did also try very hard to eat my 5 a day still which is easier said then done. I have been trying very hard lately to eat healthy and have fruit, vegetables and salad. I do try and have salad a few times a week. Since being pregnant I have eaten things I hated before being pregnant one of which is pork pies. I had this craving when I was at work so after work I went and got a pack of pork pie and my what have I been missing out on they are amazing. When we went shopping I would stick a couple of packs in the trolley. I hope after I have had little one I will still like them. I haven’t really had many craving since being pregnant I do want McDonald’s chips a lot of the time now. What was your craving when pregnant?


Little one does move a lot when I try and eat which makes me feel sick so I have to stop. Has anyone else experienced this?

I did start feeling movement very early as well people say you don’t feel anything for the first 16 to 20 weeks but I did I kept feeling flutters and movements. When she first started kicking it felt amazing I remember laying in bed one evening and she kept kicking me.

love you


At our 20 weeks scan little one was being a bit of a pickle they couldn’t get what they needed as the baby wouldn’t move for them. They asked me to go for a walk and have chocolate to see if we could move the baby.  So we went for a walk and had a hot chocolate and galaxy chocolate. When we went back in baby hadn’t moved that much but luckily she was able to get what she needed. I wanted to find out what we were having Adam didn’t know if he did. In the end we found out that we are having a little girl in July. We couldn’t believe it.

I had a bad back before I was pregnant and it has been awful since I have been pregnant but the pain is worth it. I have also had braxton hicks people say they don’t hurt but they do hurt not everyone is the same so when you experience them they may not hurt as much but for me I have had really bad one and have experienced baby laying and kicking me in the ribs which is very uncomfortable no matter what I do to try and move her she doesn’t move.


Every time I go to my midwife appointments now, my midwife listens to baby’s heartbeat as she goes to put the heartbeat monitor on her she will move she doesn’t like to be found and will be a little monkey when it comes to do something she needs to.

Since 28 weeks I have been really struggling with being pregnant. I’m always tired no matter how much sleep I get at night I am always tired the next day. I just feel like I could sleep all the time. I do have naps during the day but even after I have woken up from one of them I still so tired. As much as I love summer it is very hard to be pregnant in this weather as I’m always hot and can never cool down even with a fan on me. I have no energy to do anything and just find it very hard.

Now at 34 weeks I’m still the same and still don’t have any energy to do anything.


Today I pushed myself a little and drag deep to find the energy to sort out a few things. Which has taken all my energy I’m now laying on the sofa with the fan on and watching some day time TV.

As I’m writing this now she is moving and kicking maybe she knows I’m writing about her.  Pregnancy hasn’t been easy for me but the pain is worth it as I know at the end of it I will get to meet my little princess. Pregnancy has had its up and down but I have enjoyed it. 

How was your pregnancy? Did you every experience braxton hicks? Did baby move when you was eating?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Annika Louise. xxx



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