Parentcraft Classes – Part 1 – Labour

Good Morning Everyone,

Happy Hump Wednesday.

CH Parentcraft

Today I wanted to talk to you about parentcraft class. Yesterday (Tuesday 6th June) me and my partner Adam attended one of these classes as you all know we are expecting our first baby in July (next month excited).

These classes are there for support and to speak to you about what will happen during labour and the signs to look out for. This was our first class we have another 2 to go to which I will write about within the next couple of weeks.

I will be honest with you some of the stuff that was said I knew about, where working with children and doing a childcare course I knew some of it but I did learn a few things from the class and if i’m honest some of the stuff they said to us scared the life out of me.

At first I wasn’t really bothered about labour. But once I attended this class it scared the life out of me to think what happens but in my head all I think about is that at the end of it. We will have our beautiful baby which I can’t wait for.

The signs of labour:

  • You lose the mucus plug
  • Your cervix is dilating – We was told that you have to be dilated by 4cm for them to be able to keep you in hospital.
  • Your water breaks – We was told that the fluid can be 3 different colours. Clear which is normal. Light green which means the baby has pooed and dark green which means the baby has pooed but it pooed like a week ago. The light green and dark green happen in rare cases not everyone experience them.
  • You experience rhythmic back pain
  • Your contractions are more frequent and progressive

One thing that the lady said to us was that some people get pain in the top of there legs which is a sign of labour.

What happens should pregnancy run smoothly.

Signs of labour

I’m currently just over 33 weeks pregnant and i’m on countdown until our baby is here. It just seems like yesterday when we found out about our little bundle of joy.

I would recommend people to attend at least one of these classes as I think there are helpful if you are unsure about labour and what to expect then it is worth going. I was scared about labour after attending one but if your unsure about anything then have a look online or you can always message me. I have spoken to a friend of mine who put my mind at ease and I’m now not worried about it anymore I’m actually looking forward to it.

Did you ever attend a parentcraft class?

What are your stories?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Annika Louise. xxx


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