Pregnancy: Baby Brain

Pregnancy: Baby Brain

Good Morning Everyone,

Happy Thursday. Getting so close to the bank holiday weekend now. Only 1 more day to go.


Today I wanted to write a blog about my pregnancy. Some of you are aware that I am currently pregnant with our first baby so excited about the little one being here. I thought I would do a blog about how I have got a baby brain since becoming pregnant.

So back  towards the end of last year I found out I was pregnant Adam and I were over the moon about it. I had a lot of people tell me that I would get a baby brain but I said it can’t be that bad well I was wrong believe me. The amount of crazy things I have done since is unreal. Adam thought that he would create a list of all the things I have done. So today I thought I wanted share them with you.

  • “Why is your tea not changing colour?” (Only to realise that I hadn’t put a tea bag in the cup).
  • Trying to cook without putting the cooker on.
  • After being told I would do this. I done the baby’s washing to get it out of the machine to me thinking I had turned everything pink and shrunk it. (Only to realise it was the baby’s stuff)
  • Holding black tights, say to Adam are you doing a coloured load to which he says no black and I say great these need a wash.
  • Was making a cup of tea, poured water in cup and then added milk wondered why it hadn’t changed colour thought the milk was off to then realising I actually put tropical juice in the tea instead of milk.
  • I had breakfast, I then went to make tea went to the fridge to get the milk to see that it wasn’t in there. Thought maybe Adam used it all. Then sat and had a thought I was the last person to use it. So I thought I would check all the cupboards but nope couldn’t find it anywhere. So I then sat at the table in the kitchen thinking about where I could of put it to see it staring at me from the oven.
  • Went and put my cereal bowl in the washing machine and went to put it on to then realise that it wasn’t the dishwasher.
  • I was on my phone which was in front of me. Then I go where is my phone and start looking for it.


This is just some of the crazy stuff I have done. I have probably done a lot more funny things. When I tell Adam what I have done he finds it so funny. I don’t always find it funny I find it worrying to be honest from going from someone that doesn’t do things like that to always doing things like that, but lets hope once baby is here I will get my brain back.

When you were pregnant what did you do? How did your baby brain affect you? Tell me your story. I would love to here them.

Annika Louise. xxx


9 thoughts on “Pregnancy: Baby Brain

  1. toastycritic says:

    I had no clue about what happened to the brain during pregnancy. Although I am sure I have done some of the things you said here even without having a baby. Ugh! Ah well. I’m glad you have such a good attitude about everything.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. SofarsoSabine says:

    What is the source of that picture? I would like to show it to my husband as scientific prove why I am behaving like I do hahaha


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