Crochet – Mood Blanket

Crocheting a Mood Blanket

Hey Everyone,

Well I can’t believe that we are in May already. At the beginning on 2017 I decided I wanted to make a mood blanket. I hear you saying what is a mood blanket well what you do is you crochet a square a day for 365 days depending on what your mood is for that day. For example, if I’m happy I would use a colour that makes me happy for me it is pink.

At the start of the year I started well but I slowly lost doing a square a day. But I was still writing down what my mood were each day. I am now back doing the mood blanket and have been crocheting squares to try and get back up to date. I will be very luck if I get the blanket done this year I may end up doing it until next year but fingers crossed I will get a lot done this year. I am very excited to see it completed not sure I’m looking forward to sewing all the ends in.


If you would like to know what my moods are and which colours I picked, I will be doing an update blog later on in the year to show you my progress. So please feel free to let me know.

I really like the colours I have picked as the colours have come together well. I’m doing a granny square and then adding a border to each square I will be joining the squares as I go along. For me I will have 18 in one row.

There are multiple ways in which you can join the squares together

15 x 24

16 x 22

18 x 20

19 x 19

If you do the calculations, these will not add up to 365 it will be very close. For me I am doing 18 x 20 which equals 360.

If I was to do anything different or I was to give advise I would say make sure you join together as you go along and make sure you sew your ends in as you go along as well. Here is what my mood blanket is looking like so far!


Who else is making a mood blanket this year?


Annika Louise xxx


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